Success Stories
The School has on record a high degree of academic achievement, often with 100% passes. The achievement of our students in co-curricular activities over the years is commendable. These include sports and games, N.C.C. and Scouts, Debating and the School Band. To mention a few achievements the School has, as old boys, national and international stalwarts like Roger Binny, Jude Felix, Vice Rear-Admiral Peter D’Bras. V.S.M., Founder of Janagraha-Ramesh Ramanathan, Sanjay Khan and Feroze Khan.

The School has represented Karnataka in the Nehru Hockey Tournament held at New Delhi and has bagged the B.T. Ramaiah Shield in Cricket – a symbol of supremacy for the Schools in the State.

Our N.C.C. Officer Fazal Bari Khan has been honoured at the State and National levels. Our Scout Master, Mr. S.J.P. Keerty and Cub Master Mr. I. Raj have also many awards to their credit for producing President’s Scouts on many occasions.