1. Punctuality for both sessions of daily classes is essential.
  2. Absence due to illness should be intimated at once. Prior permission is required even for short absence of a day for social or religious functions or excursions. Long absence, without intimation will result in the pupil’s name being struck off the rolls.
  3. Pupils are always expected to be polite in speech and courteous in manner. Neatness and cleanliness in dress and person, will be insisted upon. Long hair is not permitted. It should always be off the forehead and above and should not cover the ears and the nape.
  4. It is strictly compulsory for every student to come to school in full uniform including footwear.
  5. Pupils, if asked to return home for valid reasons will be given an ‘Exeat’ note by the Principal or the Vice Principal. Permission of the Principal is always required to leave the premises during School hours.
  6. Students are forbidden to play, shout or run about in the classrooms and verandahs. They must never sit on the teacher’s chair or on the desks.
  7. Pupils are always expected to respect the authority given to staff members, captains and monitors.
  8. Severe action will be taken against smoking, writing on the walls, possession of obscene literature and the use of bad language. Students are not permitted to bring cell phones and other play things that may distract them.
  9. Persistent irregularity, lack of punctuality, continuous neglect of duties serious disobedience and disrespect towards authority or any staff member malpractice in tests and exam, thieving and immoral behaviour both in and outside the school, justify immediate dismissal or suspension of a pupil.
  10. Damage to school property is punishable and to be paid for.
  11. Pupils are expected to make every effort to keep the classroom clean. Paper baskets and dustbins are to be used for disposing of litter.
  12. Pupils are responsible for cycles, books, pens, watches, clothes, games-kit, lunch boxes , bags and other belongings even though the school does take every precaution to safeguard them. All cycles should be locked when they are parked in the cycle stand. Cycle stand fee is collected from those students.
  13. Corporal punishment is discouraged. In rare cases, it is administered after duly establishing the nature and gravity of the fault of the culprit. Such punishment given in the presence of School Head or meted out by him personally.
  14. Pupils who fail twice in the same class or whose conduct is Unsatisfactory will be asked to take the Transfer Certificate.
  15. Pupils who do not have a minimum of 75% attendance may not be promoted to a higher class or sent for the final examination.
  16. Attendance at all co-curricular and physical training is compulsory.
  17. The Principal’s permission should be obtained to join or play for an outside club or team.
  18. Letters sent to the school address of the students are always subject to be scrutinized by the Principal