mDear Friends,

This new Academic Year was officially inaugurated on 1st June, 2018 with a special Assembly, and we dedicated this new academic year to God Almighty, and we prayed for His abiding presence in us and also invoked His gracious blessings upon all of us.

We are happy to state that, as in the past, this year also our School secured 100% result in the ICSE Board Examination, and many of our students secured distinctions and First Class.

We have had a few PTM Meetings till date, and conducted special Assemblies during the past few months. The Management is grateful to the parents for their appreciation and goodwill.

In order to give impetus to our sports, we have appointed two new staff members and also procured many sports items. Now our Sports Department is well-developed: Four full-time Staff Members, Part-time Coaches, Two Sports Rooms, Changing Rooms for Boys and Girls, Modern Toilet facilities and the Open Gym. We’ll also set up an Infirmary as part of the Sports Academy.

The Waterproofing on the top of the Building has been done, and the old tiles were at the open space to give a better ambience inside the Quadrangle. It looks really nice. You may see it on your next visit to the Institution.

The new Hi-Fi Sound System, with the latest Microphones, Speakers and the Mixer, is set up for better clarity and output.

Our Heritage Building which was not repaired for a while is now given a facelift, and the work is under way. Once the work is completed it will look grand and elegant.

The front and the back façades and gates are also done up. The flooring of the Auditorium is fixed with the vitrified tiles and a few required alterations have been made.

Dear Friends, This Prestigious Institution was started in the Year 1944, and as such this Academic Year, 2018-19, is an important year for the Institution as it begins its Platinum Jubilee Celebrations (75 Years). During the past 75 years, this Institution has grown considerably and, subsequently, these Institutions were started: St. Germain PU College (2005); St. Germain Nursery School (2012), St. Germain Computer Academy (2013): St. Germain Community College(2016); St. Germain Sports Academy (2017) and St. Germain Coaching Centre (2018).

As St. Germain has SEVEN Institutions now in this Campus, His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado has kindly granted permission to elevate it to the status of an Academy. It is fitting that it is declared as an Academy during this Platinum Jubilee in this Institution. Hence, on behalf of all of us, we express our sincere gratitude to our beloved Archbishops, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras and Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado for their guidance and support to this Institution, we specially thank Archbishop Peter Machado for granting this honour to our prestigious Institution by naming it as an Academy. His Grace will officially declare it on 6th September at the Prize Day Celebrations.

We are also pleased to inform you that our New Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, who took over the Pastoral Leadership of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, will officially inaugurate the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations on the Prize Day on 6th September, 2018. Being the Archbishop of Bangalore, by default, he becomes the President of the ABE and the Patron of our Institutions. We congratulate His Grace and assure him of our love, support and cooperation.

I have yet one more important piece of News to convey to you, that is: Archbishop Peter Machado has appointed Rev. Fr. Christopher Vimal Raj as the New Head of St. Germain Institutions. He will officially take charge on 17th September, 2018. I am also happy to inform you that he was the past Student of our Institution, and had studied from 1978 to 1982.

May I take this opportunity to thank all of you, our Archbishop Emeritus The Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, our present Archbishop The Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, the ABE Secretaries, Very Rev. Fr. V.M. Gregory (Previous) and Very Rev. Fr. John Rose (Present), the Office Staff, the Teaching Staff, the Support Staff, Students (Past and Present), the OBA Members, Parents and all the well-wishers for their support, cooperation and encouragement during the past Seven Years and Three months. I am appointed as the Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Church, Rustum Bagh (near Manipal Hospital), Bengaluru.

May I wish Rev. Fr. Christopher Vimal Raj every success in all his endeavours. Please extend your support and cooperation to him as well. As I bid Farewell to all of you, may I request you to pardon me, if I have hurt anybody, either advertently or inadvertently, while fulfilling my responsibility as the Head of the Institutions. Please keep me in your prayers. No doubt,

St. Germain will always remain close to my heart.

Good bye and God bless all of you!

Msgr. S. Jayanathan
Director of St. Germain Academy